Wicked Pig - Tenderising Marinade


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 Matt Ouverson is the much loved grill master of Wicked Pig BBQ team, was crowned the illustrious SCA Points Champion in 2019 and creator of the now legendary Wicked Pig Tenderising Marinade.

Wicked Pig is seriously like no other on the market, winning golden tickets all across the US and now, for the first time ever, available right here in Oz. And the reason it's like no other is that it not only infuses the most incredibly delicious yet subtle beefy flavours, it also tenderises your beef in just minutes! This little pot of BBQ gold enhances your steaks natural flavour with salt, sugar, garlic, black pepper, paprika, onion and beef extract, all the while softening it's fibres for an extraordinary steak experience. 

Wicked Pig Tenderising Marinade is a must-have for anyone serious about nailing the perfect steak. Oh and did we mention it was the secret weapon used by current reigning SCA World Champion Marissa Ouverson? Well the secret is out now, so grab yours today! 


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