Swamp Boys - Bootleg Red BBQ Sauce


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Swamp Boys BBQ is a Florida based nationally ranked professional competition barbecue team. Honours include Team of the Year in 2008 and 2009, and Top 5 every year since. Swamp Boys were ranked the #1 team in the country for 67 straight weeks by the National BBQ Rankings and ranked #1 nationally in 2013.

Swamp Boys Bootleg Red BBQ Sauce takes simple, table vinegar and brings it to a whole new level. As their personal favourite sauce, Swamp Boys recommends using it for barbecued pork, beef, and especially fried chicken. It’s tasty, low calorie, and brings out the best flavours in foods! Unlike other BBQ sauces, Swamp Boys Bootleg Red is a thinner consistency, making it lighter to cook with and great as a dressing for side dishes too. 


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