Smoking Meat


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Real barbecue taste comes from slow-cooking meat at a low temperature for a long time and using wood smoke to add flavor. This is the book that shows you how.

Author Jeff Phillips, creator of the world’s highest-ranking website on smoking meat, guides you step-by-step through the basics. From how to choose, set up, and modify your own charcoal, gas, or electric smoker, which wood to use, how to build and maintain a fire, what tools and equipment to buy and even how to best stock a smoking-meat pantry.

Whether you are exploring the flavors of smoking using your hooded gas BBQ and a smoker box or you have the full set-up, this book is ideal for those wanting to master the craft and learn about the art of smoking.


Paperback:- Jeff Phillips, 2012, Smoking Meat: The Essential Guide to Real Barbeque, First Edition, Whitecap Books, USA.

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