Pit Barrel - 18.5" Classic Cooker Sale
Pit Barrel - 18.5" Classic Cooker

Pit Barrel - 18.5" Classic Cooker

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Are you ready to make some of the best food you’ve ever tasted? 

Well, let's get started! The Pit Barrel® is the best selling drum cooker in the world. Its unmatched capacity allows for more than double that of regular horizontal cookers at a fraction of the cost! Hang brisket, brats, vegetables, ribs, and much, much more. 

Whether you’re new to outdoor cooking or an expert trying to perfect your craft, Pit Barrel® will give you incredibly delicious results that can only be achieved with charcoal cooking. Whether grilling or smoking this package has absolutely everything you need to be ready to cook out of the box. 

Made from the highest quality durable 18 gauge steel, with a porcelain enamel coating, the Pit Barrel® and all the accessories included allows you to cook an enormous variety and quantity of food.

The 18.5" Classic Pit Barrel Cooker comes standard with:

  • 30 Gallon Steel Drum
  • 8 Stainless Steel Hooks
  • 2 Steel Hanging Rods
  • Charcoal Basket
  • Standard Grill Grate
  • Wooden Hook Remover
  • 3-Point Barrel Stand

 And to top it all off you get this incredible bundle delivered to your door, anywhere in Australia, for FREE!

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