Maverick iChef Dual Probe Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer


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If its superior results and convenience you want, you cannot beat the iChef Dual Probe Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer.

Unlike other digital meat thermometers, the iChef Dual Probe Bluetooth Thermometer from Maverick offers you wireless thermometer capabilities on your iPhone, iPad, Android or tablet with the added benefit of managing up to 4 probes at once.

  • The RediChek app includes 15 pre-set temperatures for all protein types
  • Allows for custom temperature input to suit your tastes and preferences
  • Audio alarm alerts you when pre-set meat temperatures are reached
  • An alert for when your BBQ falls outside your preset optimum cooking temperature range
  • Weather resistant transmitter connecting to both iOS and Android devices
  • In BBQ mode you can set the alarm to alert if temperature gets either too high or too low
  • Pack includes 2 waterproof probes, with option to add up to an extra 2 probes

The iChef Dual Probe Bluetooth Thermometer gives you ultimate in flexibility and peace of mind when cooking. With the 2 included probes you can choose to monitor:

  • 2 proteins in the 1 BBQ
  • 1 protein and 1 BBQ cooking chamber
  • 2 BBQs at once

And if you can swing it, have 2 BBQs side-by-side and monitor 2 proteins in 2 separate cookers! Grab yourself an extra probe or two to maximize the iChef Bluetooth Thermometer today!

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