Loot n' Booty BBQ - Pitmaster 3 Rub & Pretzel Pack

Loot n' Booty

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Loot n' Booty BBQ Pitmaster and champion of flavour Sterling Smith has created a range of competition BBQ products to take your backyard game to the next level. 

The Loot n' Booty Pitmaster 3 Rub & Pretzels Pack includes a range of championship rubs, each offering a unique flavour profile, bundled together in a great value pack with a free pack of Loot n' Booty Brown Sugar Hickory Pretzels.

Few can claim to hold the recipe for the perfect chicken rub but the Gold Star Chicken Rub when used on the competition circuit earned it a perfect score not once, but three times in one year! It adds a deliciously rich smoky flavour to any BBQ poultry dish.

Whether it's brisket, burgers, steak or tenderloin What's Your Beef? is a special blend bringing the US Championship BBQ into your backyard for a deliciously rich, well rounded beef enhancer.

Enhancing the flavour of any dish, whether its pork, poultry, beef, seafood or vegetables, with the Everything Rub there truly is no limits to use.

Loot n' Booty BBQ Brown Sugar Hickory Pretzels are little bit sweet, salty and spicy. These bit sized toffee coated snacks are layered with a brown sugar hickory rub making them sinfully morish! 

Who knew BBQ and Pretzels would go together like smoke and fire. The Loot n' Booty Pitmaster 3 Rub and Pretzel Pack will take your next BBQ to a whole new level with this trio of championship winning rubs and BBQ snacks.

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