DB180 - Grill All BBQ Rub


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Here it is! The all new Golden Ticket Edition DB180 BBQ Seasonings from Dead Bird BBQ fame. The DB180 range, while relatively new in the US to the BBQ rub business, has in its first year produced the most outstanding results on the SCA competition circuit and catapulted its creator and Dead Bird BBQ PitMaster Will Collier into the into the limelight not just for his own personal Championship wins but for dozens of other cooks using DB180 to secure their Golden Tickets to the SCA World Championships. 

DB180 Grill All is a sugar free, all purpose seasoning that was created for high heat cooking with special ingredients selected not just for their incredible flavour and colour but to enhance that all important crust formation on grilled or seared proteins.

Punching out that classic All Purpose base layer flavour profile of salt, pepper, garlic and onion, Grill All has that all important difference with paprika and tumeric adding an amazing colour to your cook. And it's good for everyone as DB180 is MSG, Sugar and Gluten free as well as being Keto friendly. 

If it's time to up your steak game then look no further than the secret weapon tearing it up on the USA circuit and placing champions on SCA podiums across the land with the Golden Ticket Edition DB180 Grill All Seasoning. Do as the champions do and simply Rub, Eat, Repeat! 

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